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Telecom Auditing

Local, Long Distance, Wireless, Data, Internet & More

At P3 Cost Analysts, we are experts in deciphering the telephone billing maze. We partner with you to reduce or remove unnecessary charges and fees, evaluate your current billing platforms compared to market pricing/trends, and obtain refunds due to billing errors that drain your bottom line. Utilizing our service allows your company to:

  • Avoid dedicating valuable resources and money trying to deal with the telephone companies
  • Educate your employees on telephone tariffs, rates, discounts, promotions, and USOC codes
  • Negotiate new services or contracts

Overall, your buying power is increased when you involve a third party because companies as a group can receive lower prices versus a single enterprise. Plus the convenience enjoyed by referring sales people, quotes and billing questions to us means you have more time to focus on your business.

Services offered by P3 Cost Analysts through its Telecommunication Management Services (TMS) for your company are designed to maximize your profit and minimize your time. Below is a list of what we can offer you:

  • Billing audits for all local, long distance, wireless, data and Internet
  • An evaluation of the cost effectiveness of line charges, usage charges, and feature packages
  • A detailed report containing all errors and overcharges, with an explanation of areas of cost savings
  • Constant monitoring of current changes occurring in all areas of the telephone industry for opportunities to lower monthly costs, consolidate services, and remove redundant or outdated charges

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