The Opportunity

Make it your business to save businesses money by becoming a P3 Cost Analysts Franchisee.

  • Imagine a business that uncovers money that was erroneously charged to your clients by the utility, telecom, and waste companies.
  • Imagine that these errors and overcharges historically are paid by over 95% of businesses nationwide.
  • Imagine that these companies put the burden of finding these errors and overcharges on the customer.
  • Imagine that these companies write their invoices in language that is difficult to understand or interpret.
  • Imagine that billions of dollars are wasted by businesses due to these errors and overcharges.
  • Industry experience demonstrates that over 80% of utility, telecommunications and waste invoices contain errors!
  • Imagine yourself earning profits by helping these companies lower their costs.  That’s what our franchisees do!
  • Imagine a business that has Multiple Repeat Revenue Streams!  Once you help our clients save, you are paid a portion of their savings for years to come.
  • Imagine a business that uncovers these errors and overcharges and adds that money back to your clients’ bottom line.
  • Imagine a business that is compensated by sharing in half of the money returned to its clients.