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P3 Cost Analysts Franchising

Financial Services Auditing Franchises

  • Do you have a strong desire to succeed?
  • Do you want to be your own boss?
  • Do you want to control your own destiny and lifestyle?
  • Do you enjoy business development?
  • Do you want a proven system to make money?
  • Do you want to help businesses save money?
  • Do you want a franchise with low overhead and capital investment of under $50,000?

If so, becoming a P3 Cost Analyst franchisee may be the right opportunity for you.

Click the links on the right of the page to continue learning more.  When you’re ready to explore business ownership as a P3CA franchisee, give us a call or shoot us an email below.  

Call 1-888-825-6595 or email  to get details on our franchise offer.

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Your Investment

The Opportunity

Make it your business to save businesses money by becoming a P3 Cost Analysts Franchisee.

  • Imagine a business that uncovers money that was erroneously charged to your clients by the utility, telecom, and waste companies.
  • Imagine that these errors and overcharges historically are paid by over 95% of businesses nationwide.
  • Imagine that these companies put the burden of finding these errors and overcharges on the customer.
  • Imagine that these companies write their invoices in language that is difficult to understand or interpret.
  • Imagine that billions of dollars are wasted by businesses due to these errors and overcharges.
  • Imagine yourself earning profits by helping these companies lower their costs.  That’s what our franchisees do!
  • Imagine a business that has Multiple Repeat Revenue Streams!  Once you help our clients save, you are paid a portion of their savings for years to come.
  • Imagine a business that uncovers these errors and overcharges and adds that money back to your clients’ bottom line.
  • Imagine a business that is compensated by sharing in half of the money returned to its clients.

Your Investment

For your franchise investment of $49,500 you’ll receive...

  • Access to our team of auditors – From Day One as a P3CA franchisee you will have access to our team of industry experts, with over 150 years of combined expertise.  Their expertise and ability to find clients savings are the engine that drives your franchise.  You get to focus on business development while our back office team does the auditing.  
  • 4 days of hands on start-up training – Every franchisee attends our training program taught by our team of industry and auditing experts. Our expert instructors will teach you how to masterfully perform every one of your operational and consulting responsibilities. You’ll also be trained to market your new business. You’ll gain insight from our decades of experience and from a collection of experts throughout the utility, waste, merchant processing, and telecom industries. You’ll be taught P3CA’s proprietary marketing systems, you’ll learn how to create and maintain relationships with referral sources, how to coordinate your day-to day work schedule, and how to manage the administrative and financial, all in a very comprehensive, very intense 4 days.

  • Follow-up correspondence training – After your 4 days of initial training at the P3CA Training Center, you will be fully prepared to competently launch your new business. But we don’t expect you to be an expert. In fact, we believe that your initial training merely lays the foundation upon which your real learning can begin. Upon graduation from The P3CA Training Center, you’ll begin our continuing long-distance coaching and mentoring program. Scheduled phone consultations, email consults, recommended readings, are all designed to bolster you from newbie to new superstar during your first few months in business.

  • Marketing Assistance – Every smart new business owner worries about one thing – “how am I going to get clients?” All of our franchisees are trained in P3’s proven marketing and sales approach and given access to our professional-grade marketing collateral. More than merely telling you what to do, we’ll explain why some things work and others don’t. We’ve been in the auditing industry for almost 30 years now and know what does and does not work. From the perspective of a new business owner, one of the most attractive features of this industry is that our value proposition is hard to say “no” to. Clients literally have nothing to lose! We’ll teach you exactly how to approach these decision makers, show you what they look for in an auditing company, and give you the tools to not only effectively create these critical relationships but to maintain them long-term as well.

  • Fully Integrated Reporting Suite – With P3CA, you’ll be provided with a fully integrated suite of software designed to facilitate every aspect of your business life. From scheduling and customer profiles to tracking your marketing and your financials, you’ll have everything you need.

  • Your Initial Supply of Marketing Materials – You will be armed with your initial supply of marketing materials so you will be ready to execute the marketing plan from your very first day in business.

Franchise Training

  • Training conducted by experts – You will be trained by actual experts, not professional trainers.  You will learn from people who do every day what you what will be doing as a P3CA franchisee.  You will learn and be taught by experts with over 30 years of experience.  
  • Learn our proprietary marketing techniques – You will learn our proprietary marketing methods.  These methods have been honed over the last 30 years.   Instead of making years of mistakes and learning what not to do, you learn from our past mistakes and successes, jumpstarting your business.   
  • Learn our auditing trade secrets – While it takes decades to become a true auditing expert, you will learn the in and outs of the cost reduction industry.  You will learn what we look for and how we deliver results to clients.  And most importantly, you will see first hand why our clients need our help.
  •  4 days of intense training – Our training is 4 days of learning through a fire hose of information.  You will no doubt be exhausted by the end of each day, but you will be exhilarated by what you learn as you gain a deep understanding of the problem your business is solving.  
  • Intimate learning environment – Our training is conducted at our Greensboro, NC office.  You will be learning in an intimate environment, just a couple doors down from our auditors.  No giant classrooms with dozens of franchisees.  You will be learning in a focused environment. 

Franchise Support

  • Complete Back Office and Auditing Staff – P3 franchise owners are consultants, not auditors. Every P3CA franchise owner has access to our team of auditing experts. Once a client has agreed to have their costs analyzed, our franchisees simply collect the appropriate documentation and provide it to their assigned P3CA experts. Our auditors take it from there, analyzing bills, finding savings and allowing the franchisee to focus on building their business.

  • Social Media – Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay, and it’s changing every day. Our corporate marketing staff will guide and support your local social media marketing efforts to ensure you’re building your online reputation, managing reviews and, in the end, growing your clientele.

  • Preferred Vendor Savings – All of our franchise owners enjoy the “economies-of-scale” savings provided by our bulk ordering of marketing materials and retail product. Because we negotiate with all of the vendors on your behalf, you are able to buy ongoing supplies at considerable discounts.

  • Ongoing Support – With decades of collective cost auditing and franchising experience, our support team has invaluable experience placing new business owners in business for themselves and then supporting them over the long term. From day-to-day help to “big picture” research and development, we’ll be there to grow with you.

  • Expert Helpline – Our Expert helpline gives our franchisees direct access to experts in every aspect of a P3 franchise. Whether you’re calling for marketing advice, operational guidance or technical help, our helplines gives you the answers you need when you need them.

  • Marketing Catalogue – As you expand, you’ll have complete access to our catalogue of flyers, brochures, and sales tools and much, much more.

Territories Available

Accepting franchise applications in states shaded in blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

The current franchise fee is $49,500.   This covers your franchise fee and all initial training.

P3 Cost Analysts makes money by applying our decades of industry expertise to save our clients money on their telecom, waste, merchant processing, and utility expenses. If we don’t save our clients money we don’t bill them. When we do save them money, we split those savings 50/50 each month. As a franchisee your revenue will be derived from how much we are able to save your clients.

Training is an intense 4 days of learning at our Greensboro office. You will learn the ins and outs of the cost reduction industry, how to market our services effectively, and how to run your business profitably.

  • Follow-up Correspondence Training: After graduating from our Training Center, you’ll begin our long-distance coaching and mentoring program. You’ll receive one-on-one phone consultations, email consults, recommended readings, and question and answer forums to skyrocket the growth of your business.


  • Expert Marketing Assistance: You’ll learn proven and highly effective marketing strategies to quickly build your client base. We’ll teach you exactly how to find and approach decision makers. You’ll receive hundreds of items in your initial supply of marketing materials.


  • Fully Integrated Reporting Suite: You’ll be provided with a fully integrated suite of software designed to facilitate every aspect of your business life. From scheduling and customer profiles to tracking marketing and financials, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.


  • Complete Back Office and Auditing Staff: You’ll have full access to our team of auditing experts who have 10 decades of combined experience in the utility industries. Our auditors work tirelessly to uncover overcharges and errors in your clients’ utility invoices, while substantially lowering their future bills.


  • Ongoing Support: While growing your franchise, you’ll have direct access to all our experts. Whether you need marketing advice, operational guidance, technical help or a solution to a unique challenge, we’ll give you the precise answers you need when you need them.

Absolutely not. Our franchisees are not auditors, they are cost reduction consultants. While we think the opportunity is even better, you might think of your franchise as a financial advisor or insurance agency owner. Your business isn’t to pick stocks or underwrite insurance. Your business is to on board and educate clients about how we can help them. You manage your business and your clients as their long term trusted advisor in cost reduction. Our audit staff performs all the backend work to deliver savings to your clients.

Your role is to seek out and build a book of business. These could be clients from any industry and around the country. You will on board and educate them on the various cost reduction services we offer. When we save them money your franchise business will receive a portion of the revenue. The more businesses you can help save money the more your franchise will flourish.

Businesses need our service because they do not have the expertise to properly monitor and manage these expenses. The fact that we find savings in over 9 out of 10 audits speaks for itself. Auditing these expense categories are what our auditors do day in and day out. That industry expertise and laser focus means we can find errors, overcharges, and opportunities for reduction where our client’s can’t. These industries are complex and if they don’t have a cost reduction consulting working on their behalf, they will overspend. And again, our pitch is simple….if we can’t save you money it doesn’t cost a thing. It’s a risk free, ‘why not’ proposition for our clients.

We target anyone with expenses in telecom, utility, merchant processing, and waste/recycling. As you can imagine almost every business in the country has these expenses. So the target market is large.

Generally speaking we are not interested in working with small establishments (mom and pop type businesses). These businesses are usually paying such small amounts that any savings we might find them would be negligible.  

Examples of great prospects are (certainly not an all inclusive list):

  • Manufactures
  • Grocery store chains
  • Restaurant Groups
  • Convenience stores
  • Law Firms
  • Call Centers
  • Auto dealerships
  • Small City and County Governments
  • Non-profits
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • School systems
  • Data Centers
  • Country clubs
  • Any large volume single location entity
  • Any multi location entity

We are currently offering territories in all 50 states except California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii

If you are interested in learning more you can reach out directly to our Director of Franchise sales.

Kris Simonich


Kris will be able to guide you through our process and answer any additional questions you may have.  

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