Franchising Overview

At P3 Cost Analysts, we believe that you can be successful in just about any industry if you’re willing to work hard enough.  But we also believe that it is much easier to be successful in an industry in which the demand is growing, the need is everywhere and every business represents a potential opportunity.

At P3 Cost Analysts, we’re committed to positioning our franchisees to take advantage of one the most significant economic trends of today and tomorrow.  With utility, telecom and waste expenses shooting ever skyward and with the average American  business becoming ever more cost conscious, the market is ripe for a service that costs those businesses nothing and saves them money for months and years to come.

In the business world, we’ve all become familiar with terms like “ground floor opportunities” or “he got into it in the early days”.  You know, the terms that always seem to apply to some other lucky person and not to you.  Today, P3 franchisees are uttering those same phrases when talking about themselves and reaping the rewards of their vision  –  a vision they share with everyone at P3 – that rising operational costs are not a passing concern and saving money will never go out of style.  With the state of the economy, the state of our political climate, and the state of the always-changing competitive landscape, the new American awareness of costs and need for savings is here to stay.

Why are P3 franchisees so happy?

Our franchisees are building thriving businesses and enjoying unparalleled success. 

  • Real World Know-How – Our franchisees are backed by auditors with over 10 decades of combined expertise in the expense categories we audit.  This real world know how allows our franchisees to help their clients save money, build long-term relationships, and become true cost reduction trusted advisors.   

  • Building a Business with Passion – All P3 franchisees have three common character traits; an entrepreneurial spirit, a “from-the-heart” attitude for customer service, and a genuine affinity for sales and marketing.  P3 offers budding entrepreneurs the rare chance to focus on building a successful business while our panel of expert auditors perform the actual auditing duties for your customers. 

  • Quality of Life – Our franchisees are able to enjoy the quality of life that comes with building a significant, dependable income in a truly exploding industry from the comfort of their own home.  Without large staffs or commercial leases cutting into their profit margins, P3 franchisees possess a rare degree of freedom and flexibility, a flexibility that ensures that your life outside of work can be as equally rewarding as your life within it.

This is definitely an exciting time for P3 and our franchisees.  If you’d like to know more, simply request more information or click next to read more about our offering.

Why are P3 franchisees so happy?

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