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Economic Incentive Consulting

When your business is faced with opportunities to expand, it’s a must to consider economic incentive procurement as part of company planning.

At P3 Cost Analysts, we help our clients add millions to their bottom line through economic incentive packages and consulting. 

Many states will generally compete for jobs, so it’s critical for companies to be able to effectively negotiate and take advantage of state and local incentive programs.

Obtaining corporate growth incentives is not straightforward, requiring significant research, negotiations, and planning – at least six to nine months ahead of construction.

All too often, companies start the planning process too late and as a result, they miss out on the highest-level benefit opportunity.

Typical opportunities include:

-Local property tax moratoriums
-State level employment credits
-State level investment credits
-Sales tax exemptions on project investment
-Training grants for re-training, new jobs, and apprenticeships
-Utility rate discounts
-Infrastructure improvement assistance

Leveraging our seasoned team of economic incentive experts will add decades of experience to advocate for maximum-level incentives that typically achieve a benefit of 5% – 20% of capital investment and millions of dollars back to your bottom line.

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