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Copier Lease Print Auditing

Our team of Managed Print category experts can help save you over 35% off your copier lease bills and print expenses. Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Kyocera and other vendors are notorious for overcharging their clients and making billing errors on their print expenses and copier leases.

Auditing these expenses using a trusted consulting partner is the only way to truly have your expenses verified and reduce these expenses.

Our team of experts have been advocating for our clients’ print expenses for decades.

We average a 35% reduction over what you are currently spending. Using data points from over 30,000 thousand client locations and 30 years of combined copier and print expertise, we go to work on our client’s behalf.

Reducing costs in this category does not have to be difficult. Prior to our involvement, most of our clients were facing a litany of fees, overcharges, and out of control price increases. While some suspected they were over paying, the majority of our clients are shocked by what we’re able to produce.

We help our clients get these expenses reeled in, and improve their bottom line. Auditing and reducing your Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Kyocera bills has never been easier.

Services offered by P3 Cost Analysts through its Managed Print and Copier Lease consulting service for your company are designed to maximize your profit and minimize your time. Below is a list of what we can offer you:

• Billing audits for all types of copier and print providers. This includes major providers such as Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Toshiba, and Kyocera.
• An evaluation of the cost effectiveness of each and every line item charge on your invoice and your vendor contracts
• A detailed report containing all errors and overcharges, with an explanation of areas of cost savings
• Renegotiation of your current agreements using our decades of expertise and proprietary database of vendor pricing.
• Implement contract terms and conditions that protect you, not the vendor
• Constant monitoring of current charges occurring in all of your uniform and linen expenses. Getting your costs down is just half the battle. We work on our client’s behalf to hold them down as well.
• We optimize your print and copier program to make sure you are not only saving money but saving time as well. This is a large area for an organization to manage. No one wants copiers to go down or not work. Many clients are not getting the service they deserve AND are overspending. We are there every step of the way to help manage this expense category. This means you will have less down time and more support with your equipment, and a program that is manageable and easy to understand. 

When our clients engage P3 they get all our expertise at their fingertips, and we go immediately to bat working to save our clients money. If we can’t find savings, there is no fee.

Knowledge is power and at P3, we know costs.

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